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Mark Hutchinson, is a converted conservationist and nature lover, passionate about wildlife and protecting land for biodiversity. Growing up in Australia his childhood was filled with natural experiences and he has incorporated nature into all aspects of his adult life. Mark was fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time in the outdoors with his parents, preferring nature over other childhood activities. After studying economics and business, Mark embarked on a career as a fly fishing and nature guide, building a small eco-travel business that took him to all corners of the globe. This business eventually turned into a tourism and hospitality training company that he later sold. After a short-lived corporate career with the sale of his business, Mark refocused his attention to his true purpose in nature.

Mark has always been an advocate for the world’s wild places. He believes people have distanced themselves from nature and he is passionate about reconnecting individuals with the outdoors. He has dedicated the next chapter of his life to the preservation of these wild places and the species within them, a personal mission that he shares with his wife Sophie and children.

Apart from his Bachelor of Economics from Sydney University and then MBA from INSEAD Business school France, Mark re-skilled himself by undertaking a Masters of Conservation Biology from Macquarie University in Sydney in order to better understand the science and issues underlying global conservation and also to assist in his work as a naturalist and conservationist. It is more than a profession, it is a life passion. He has a far-reaching dedication to helping the natural environment, and the communities that inhabit the world’s wild places. This drive led to the creation of WildArk in 2015. WildArk’s mission is to secure areas of identified green belts around the world to protect the rich biodiversity of these areas as a way of conserving wildlife while creating research and experience opportunities for people to reconnect with nature and become inspired to protect it.

WildArk wants to be part of the growing army of conservation groups creating innovative models to protect our wild places and learn from others how best to preserve as much land for future generations as possible. WildArk focuses on species and rich biodiversity areas which are on the threshold of destruction.

Mark Hutchinson has been persistent in his passion for the environmental movement, pushing through a rough patch in his professional career and taking time out to personally reflect on what is important. Mark along with the team at WildArk are dedicating their next chapters to the cause, focusing on a pragmatic approach to protecting and re-connecting nature.

Founder of WildArk

Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson

WildArk Founder, a converted Naturalist, Environmentalist, Conservationist
Mark Hutchinson, a Naturalist, conservationist and nature lover has great love and passion for wildlife and conservation activities. Ever since his early childhood, he has incorporated into his life. He grew up in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales in Australia. Mark Hutchinson has been persistent in his passion for the movement and has not been interested in personal gain. He has decided to dedicate his entire life to this humble cause. For more information Visit:Mark Hutchinson